De Pet op tegen Kanker

01 Feb 2024

Kom op Tegen Kanker

At Brain Embassy we teamed up with our smallest bright minds to support a charity that’s very close to our hearts.

We picked ‘De Pet op tegen Kanker’ by Kom op tegen Kanker and handed out a bunch of cool caps to support this good cause. The youngest Brain Embassy generation went to work and pimped those caps. They did an amazing job. Their colorful creations will blow you away. Move over, Banksy!

‘De Pet op tegen Kanker’ raises money to set up activities for kids with cancer and their families. Cancer has a huge impact on their lives; a holiday or even a day out takes their mind off the disease for a little while. We couldn’t think of a better cause to support with our Brain Embassy community.

We would like to thank all of our members for participating in this beautiful project. A special shout out to all those little artists, you are amazing! Together, we can color the world with hope, one cap at a time!

And to all those brave children battling cancer: you are in our thoughts and in our hearts.

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