Brigitte found her dada with her own fashion label: 'I want to show mothers how powerful they are'

31 Jul 2023

Playful, rebellious, passionate. That’s the vibe Brigitte Peeters wants to radiate with her brand-new fashion label La Dada. Based in Brain Embassy, made in Portugal, aimed at mothers. “My collection celebrates motherhood and adds beauty and poetry to it. When we remain full of energy and hungry for life, it reflects on our kids.”

Brigitte worked for a famous denim brand for 16 years. “But like so many other people, the pandemic made me rethink things. I had just become a mother for the second time, I wanted to do something different with my life. Something more meaningful than fast fashion.”

“When I was breastfeeding my daughter, I stumbled upon this quote: ‘It’s better to build strong children than to repair broken adults’. That was my personal eureka moment: the foundation you build in the first years of children’s lives is so extremely important.”

“Very soon after, I launched Studio Dada. We organized experiences and retreats: no to-do lists, no obligations, just pure connections between parents and their children. I loved the creative part, but the operational part is not where I can use my talents the most. On top of that, our events obviously took place on school holidays, weekends and Wednesday afternoon. (laughs) It was quite ironic: I wanted to bring parents and children together, but I didn’t get to spend time with my own children.”

"It’s better to build strong children than to repair broken adults."

What’s your dada?

Fast forward to July 2023. Brigitte just launched her own fashion label and dropped her first collection of t-shirts and sweaters. Studio Dada became La Dada. “The name ‘La Dada’ comes from Dadaism, the art movement that distinguished itself by being rebellious and playful. In French, your ‘dada’ also refers to your personal passion. Playful, passionate, a tiny bit rebellious: that’s what I want La Dada to be.”

“I have always liked the idea of Magritte’s famous painting: ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’. I hope my collection will become more than just fashion items. I want to make mothers aware of how beautiful and powerful they are, and I want to add a touch of poetry to my mission.”

Dance with your lover, love like a teenager, play like a child, live like an artist, do your dada’, says one of La Dada’s designs. “That pretty much sums it all up”, says Brigitte. “Children live in the moment; they are creative and resilient and full of energy. When we become parents, we should try to cling on to that attitude. I don’t want to become a full-time taxi driver and agenda manager. I want to be playful and joyful as well. That’s the message I want to spread with La Dada. When we stay passionate and hungry for life, it reflects on our children.”

‘Stay true to my own mission’

La Dada is based in Brain Embassy. The collection is made in Portugal. “I have worked in the fashion industry for a long time, I know my way around. We work with studios in Portugal that manufactures clothes in an honest and sustainable way. The fashion industry is definitely moving in a more sustainable direction. I believe the big brands are for real, but while they are taking a greener approach, they are still making a lot of money from fast fashion. At the same time, I see a lot of new brands that want to do it right from day one.”

“For me, sustainable fashion is not a distinctive selling point anymore. In 2023, it should go without saying that you don’t exploit the planet or the people manufacturing your clothes. You need another USP to stand out in the crowd. That’s why I pay so much attention to the mission of La Dada. It’s my way to make people see and buy my brand.”

Is marketing or branding Brigitte’s biggest challenge? “No, my biggest challenge is to practice what I preach. Starting a label and designing a collection is damn hard work. I have to be careful that it doesn't completely absorb me. I want to make La Dada successful and be a playful, passionate mother at the same time. I want to stay true to my own mission.”

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